The Wives of Henry the Eighth

The Wives of Henry the Eighth

Music, Book, & Lyrics by Ellie Handel

- May 10-12, 2019: WIVES received a workshop production in collaboration with The Bossy Collective.

- January 2017: Workshop production at NYU's 2017 Freeplay Festival. Dir. Ellie Handel.

THE WIVES OF HENRY THE EIGHTH tells the tale of the six wives of King Henry the Eighth - bu there is no Henry in sight. Join Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleeves, Katherine Howard, and Catherine Parr in their version of living in Tudor England. 

One Act, approx. 75 minutes.

6 to 10 actors needed.

May 2019 Workshop 

Presented by The Bossy Collective


Director: Jess Dukatt

Choreographer: Katherine Winter

Music Director: RJ Christian

Set Designer: Benny Pitt

Lighting Designer: Charlotte Seelig

Costume Designer: Chanel Morehead

Sound Designer: Nick Webster

Assistant Director: Nicole Gentile

Production Stage Manager: Rachel 

Piano Arrangements & Additional Music by Lena Gabrielle

Additional Piano Arrangements by Eli Douglas LaCroix and Matthew Berzon

Featuring: Alison Anaya, Christen Dekie, Bethany Eggleston, Nicole Gentile, Jessie MacBeth-Walker, Tess Marshall, Aurora Watts-Equibel, and Lindsey Zelli

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