The Aviatrix

The Aviatrix

Book and Lyrics by Lily Dwoskin

Music by Casey O'Neil

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THE AVIATRIX (Book and Lyrics by Lily Dwoskin, Music by Casey O’Neil) is a tragedy about our insatiable desire to reach the clouds. Told by all womxn voices, The Aviatrix follows Harriet Quimby, the first American woman to get her pilot’s license and the first woman in the world to fly across the English Channel. We see the prejudice she faces,  the tumultuous friendship she builds with Mathilde Moisant, and her constant drive to top everyone, including herself.


While her virtuosity is an inspiration to people everywhere, it becomes a very real danger to Harriet as she stretches herself, and her planes, beyond their limits. In the end, Harriet meets the same tragic fate as many of her fellow aviators when she attempts one too many dangerous stunts and is thrown from her plane, forever lost to the sky.