PSM, ASM, Board Op | AEA

Sample Paperwork


The Scarlet Savior Contact Sheet (St. Luke's Theater, 2019)

Confidence Pre-Production Analysis (Theater Row, 2019)

Confidence Character Breakdown (Theater Row, 2019)

NSB Senior Concert Schedule (Green Room 42, 2017)


Machinal Blocking Script Sample (NYU Tisch, 2018)

Joys? of Being Yiddish Daily Call (New 42 Studios, 2017)

The Scarlet Savior Rehearsal Report (St. Luke's Theater, 2019)

LadyShip Deck Tracking (Signature Theatre, 2019)

The Joys? of Yiddish Script Changes (New 42 Studios, 2017)


And It Felt Like A Kiss Tech Sched. (HERE Arts Center, 2016)

Macbeth3 LX, SFX, FX Cues (HERE Arts Center, 2016)

Calling Scripts

Endangered Handwritten Calling (Davenport Theater, 2017)

Endangered Typed Calling (Davenport Theater, 2017)

Endangered Calling Score (Davenport Theater, 2017)

And It Felt Like a Kiss Run Sheet (HERE Arts Center, 2016)

IN Performances

Macbeth3 PSM Pre-Show Checklist (HERE Arts Center, 2016)

Endangered Performance Report (Davenport Theater, 2017)

Macbeth3 ASM Pre-Show Checklist (HERE Arts Center, 2016)

Taming of the Shrew Props Preset (NYU Tisch Drama, 2016)

Red Noses ASM Run Sheet (NYU Tisch Drama, 2016)

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